How to gain your parakeets trust

??????????????????? ??????????????????? ??????????????????? ??????????????????? please. I suggest pausing on the reading parts so you know what i say…………………………………………………………………………………….. Shows my budgie Owl and what i do to make it feel safe around me and what i do to make it trust me. when you first get your parakeet or budgie it wont automatically jump right onto your fingure so you can sing to it like marry poppins. It will take a long time to get your birds trust. like months and months of time. i hope my tips help to speed up the prosses though. who knows you might have a naturally curiouse parakeet that just wants to explore or you might have one that likes to keep to itself and away from you. wether you get a tame budgie or wild it will take lots of time and effort. Here is a video i found from expert village that gives some extra info too. SEND A FRIEND REQUEST!!!! =]
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25 Responses to How to gain your parakeets trust

  1. rebeccajeon1 says:

    Dear mr george are your parakeets all? male?

  2. rebeccajeon1 says:

    Wow i love it i? had a parakeets for 3 months and when i saw your video and i gave it a try and than WOW it worked xD

  3. Wolfmoon6478 says:

    I’ve tried doing those thing alot ith my irdlike trying to take it? out of the cage ith a ladder but it wont even come near the cage

  4. thewolfgirl95 says:

    Hi, um. I got my parakeet, named Sora, around late July. It is still not used to me, but he does show that he is happy… What should I do? My friend says he’s going? to die from stress, she grew up with birds…

  5. MrGeorge686 says:

    hey i have two Parrakeets… a blue? parrakeet and a rare parrakets… they always fight!!! what do i do?

  6. Kayla Johnson says:

    Thanks this video? helped a lot.

  7. extremesforlife says:

    Took mine a while and eventually she started eating from my hand and doing the ladder but everything i try to? take her out the cage she gets scared until i hold her and she bites for a while.

  8. Umneriko says:

    lol my birds are scared of anything i hold in my hand… but not my hand~? weird

  9. Phil Gioldasis says:

    Tell Em SAilor?

  10. SoShy185 says:

    is his? feathers clippd ?

  11. Dasha Pugacheva says:

    hey, great advise! Just one question….. WHY THE HELL IS MY BUDGIE ALWAYS TRYING TO? BITE ME!!!??? thanks, he stopped biting me so much.

  12. angelstar523 says:

    heheh ya i think what you are saying is right….but the sad part is, im with the parakeet only for a few months…and since he is me first pet,,i wanted to have some? good times with him….well…i need to be really kind to him i guess so that i can gain his trust asap…any ways…your tip will prove to be helpful to me….thanx :)

  13. Joshua Boudreaux says:

    I JUST got 2 parakeets that I adopted from pets mart. They aren’t very used to us so how would i get them? to trust me asap?

  14. BurtonRecordsNY says:

    DO NOT WHERE A GLOVE WHEN TAMING A PARAKEET. Gloves a? terrifying, so NEVER do that again! You just need to give him time, your supposed to wait days after you get a parakeet to teach him step-up. It can take a month or more for a parakeet to get used to it’s cage, let alone a giant who fishes him out of his unfamiliar home and makes him do something (You.).

  15. dames1998 says:

    thank you for the tips…. i just got two today and im just a virgin at this so i really dont know what to do cuz they’re just like sitting in their cage not doing anything, but i read that? playing music for them helps them settle in so i have the beatles playing in my room but if you coulds just idk help me out at all it would be very appreciated!


  16. angelstar523 says:

    i got a green parakeet 2 days ago, and it? seems to be restless all the time. It runs around in its cage all the time. When i even touch the cage’s door for changing the water or fill in the food tray, it gets frightened and starts flapping its wings and run around. I tried taking it out by wearing a glove and tried holding him, but he bites me and screams alot :(

  17. pokemonlovergirl112 says:

    i got my 2 paraeets 2 days ago, what should i do to make them think i’m? ok? how long will it take???

  18. MEXICAN233180 says:

    Dude Ok i Have a Question; I have a girl and a boy ones name is Sky(boy) and The Other One is Turquoise(girl) ok sky when i try to grab? him he bites really hard like hell and the other one lets me but when i touch her she gets mad and goes (chirp) she chirps at me i want her to trust and be nice to me not mean.

  19. flyingkatproductionz says:

    I recently got my quaker but the people tht owned him neglected him and never gave him any attention. He eats from my hand but thats about it. How? do i gain his trust without him trying to attack me?

  20. UniqueRipple says:

    I freaking LOVE that thing! I want one! :( I? guess I’ll have to look around to make something like that as well. =)

  21. CiscoTheMan says:

    I am really wanting to? get a bird, i had looked at a blue quaker parakeet and a conure parrot, but was thinking of starting out with a smaller breed like a budgie. Good idea yay or nay?

  22. fran bernfeld says:

    I love owl! You’ve done a great job with him! Is he clipped? My ‘keets are bonded to each other and very timid with me.? I’ll keep trying! You’ve inspired me.

  23. LuvinLps says:

    Aww, Owl is sooo cute.? I just got a parakeet just a few weeks ago, and your video helped me alot! Thanks! :)

  24. ThatCoolKidCarmen says:

    I had mine for like 3 months and its so scared of me! Even when I? walk by :(
    Please help me!!

  25. Manav Bhargav says:

    how long does it? take

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